Change for the better, happy 2015!


Change for the better

This is powerful, follow it 🙂


To you all…with love !



It has been a long time since I wrote something or visited this place, was busy with many other things! I hope all of you are doing great.

Though I haven’t made a personal communication with you all, I would like to tell you that you all have fascinated me with your literary skills, I usually comment whenever I see an awesome post, but there are times I forget to do the same, forgive me.


I cherish your friendship over here and you all are a great part of my ‘writing journey’ critiquing, inspiring, delighting and many times surprising  mediocre writers like me with your language and imagination
any time is perfect to let you know about this, but I take this time of the year to tell you how blessed you all are. Keep going friends..keep writing and keep surprising us with your talents!


Today being Christmas, I wish you all peace and happiness.

I wish you a prosperous and wonderful year in 2015 too!


Love to you all


Scenes unlooked-for


Decades ago, a strange whistling sound had woken her up in the middle of a summer night.

The screened windows had revealed something like a flying disc, brightly lit on all sides.


Since then, she has been interviewed for the UFO details.

© Mridula 2014


50 Reasons Not To Date A Poet


This made me smile 🙂

Betty Generic


It may sound romantic, but in search of that elusive metaphor, poets can be somewhat  “eccentric.”

  1. If you date a poet everyone will think you are the jerk they are writing about.
  2. You will be the jerk they are writing about.
  3. They have an unnatural affection for book stores and office supply stores.
  4. They have deep conversations with Animals, Clouds, and Grecian Urns.
  5. Excessive use of  “poetry hands.”
  6. Excessive abuse of  “poetic licence.”
  7. Excessive use of  “melancholy.”
  8. Excessive use of  “dramatic emphasis.”
  9. They collect obscure words that have not been in circulation for at least 100 years or more.
  10. They insert these antediluvian words into conversations just to rebel.
  11. They think children’s books are sublime.
  12. They refuse to care where the remote is.
  13. All of their furniture are positioned around windows, for them to stare out for hours at a time.
  14. Your parents will think they are possessed.
  15. They are possessed.
  16. You

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Rings of abuse


Chained under the big top, interminable confinement.

Continuous tortures, brutal ways of management and training.

Standing on the hind legs, physically uncomfortable and behaviourally unnatural.

Monotonous routine of boredom, stress and pain.

The circus elephants broke loose and damaged the parked vehicles.

© Mridula 2014


Nostalgic memories


Standing at different spots within  that  six corners, they looked  like scattered petals from the hands of fallen angels.

Sparkling eyes longed for someone’s presence.

As our eyes met, all perplexed faces were wreathed in smiles.


First day in a kindergarten classroom!