Forbidden slumber




Trudging alone, the tired civilian turned soldier found a home away from home in the abandoned mansion.

At night, flashes annoyed the man asleep on the bed. He muttered,

“What light through yonder breaks?”

Shortly blood-thirsty weapons roared at the mansion.

© Mridula 2014


Gargleblaster #177


24 thoughts on “Forbidden slumber

  1. Your words definitely set up the scene. I’m wondering if he’s a deserter? Where’s the rest of his troop? Were they in the battlefield or were they the ones coming for him outside?? I really like being left wondering. Very intriguing!

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  2. karenspillingwords

    I’m impressed with how much you were able to convey in this piece. The historical aspect, the language, the story – quite an accomplishment in just 42 words!

    Liked by 1 person

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