The cleansing


The book was about reviving one’s soul, love and purpose.

Those words bedevilled her.

Her quests were doomed; everything she had left behind mocked her, including him.


She cried under the cloudy sky.


A caress from behind.

That’s him!


Then it rained.

© Mridula 2014


{For Gargleblaster Yeah write #175 summer series }


19 thoughts on “The cleansing

  1. I like it. The writing is great! One question about the end: Was the guy actually behind the narrator, thus making her cry from joy? Sorry if my interpretation isn’t exactly what you intended to convey…
    Anyway, congrats! Great post!


  2. Enjoyed this, and it got me thinking about what was going on, both literally and in her head. One question – was the book a self help or religion – just interested what sort of cleansing it offered to bring him back? Hope I have interpreted correctly!


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