Running around day after day, the couple couldn’t decline the inviting service offered by the daycare for their twins from month three of their birth.
They eulogized the kindness of the daycare owner to every living being they knew, gushing with pride.
Many picturesque springs that passed never gave even the slightest clue of an eternally bleak winter.
The attendant noticed a  painted-on smile as the aged couple got  admitted in the old age home.
It was then, for the first time in their life, the couple thought about all those kids at the daycare.

© Mridula 2014


{ Written for Five sentence fiction – Secure }

Lillie McFerrin Writes

15 thoughts on “Backfire

  1. Anita

    This is really touching.
    Nicely expressed.
    But, modern life is such that even though parents have cared for their kids (& not put them in daycare), still they are admitted to old age homes…

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I meant our own mother-son duo 🙂 They were my inspiration!


    • Yes, what you said is the general version…this is a different one, and I am sad that this is increasing too, blame the modern world, but when certain patterns change, the effects for the same are to be expected …


  2. This is such a heart wrenching tale. Sadly, it has become a daily occurrence. Like Anita said, irrespective of the fact whether parents have cared for their children or not, old age homes are on the rise.


  3. aww..this was touching, Mridubala..but I’m not sure if parents can be blamed for choosing the day care or the children for choosing the old age home..Its not so simple as to conclude about love and care that flew out of the window..


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