Frequencies of love


Grandma, a blank person for us, keeps a diary which she wrote skimpy.

Totted up with her fluster on the flowers she should use to adorn grandpa’s gravestone, she adds, “He never loved me enough”.

And finally she chose dried, dead blooms..sigh!

© Mridula 2014


 { For Gargleblaster Yeah write #171 summer series }



14 thoughts on “Frequencies of love

  1. I liked how she was blank for the speaker and wrote skimpy and then the love not being enough. You weave an interesting motif throughout this short piece that leaves me wanting more.


  2. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    I’m fascinated by the “blank person for us” as well. So many things to read into that, such a poetic way of putting it. I also love the line, “Totted up with her fluster on the flowers.” I see her doing some serious account-balancing of her life with Grandpa.


  3. “A blank person for us.” Perfect for how many people see the elderly — like they were born that age, their years on this planet blank slates. This short, powerful piece is a reminder that elderly are filled with a lifetime of experiences and wisdom. Nice work! TiV


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