Flower Vs Trap


Pink like a rose when born, said Mom.

You were tiny and trivial, like wolfia, older brother mocked.

Always my lily, a comforting dad.

You are a trap, that’s my lover.


Irked me.

Venus fly trap, he continued.

I am that fly!

© Mridula 2014

 { For Gargleblaster Yeah write #170 summer series }


16 thoughts on “Flower Vs Trap

  1. Oh yes! This was delightful! Even your web page looks happy! I may already be hooked 😉

    (I’m also envious that you were able to get the #170 icon to paste…I couldn’t ever quite get it right and had to “cheat” a bit to ping back)


  2. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    I love how you connect the different flowers to facets of a personality. The flowers bring their own “baggage,” giving nice layers to a short piece.


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