Where is God? A story from Purana…



In ancient India there lived a most virtuous Brahmin who was considered by all to be the best authority on philosophy.

One day the local king ordered him to appear before him. When he did so, the king said: “I have three questions that puzzle–even torment–me: Where is God? Why don’t I see Him? And what does he do all day? If you can’t answer these three questions I will have your head cut off.” The Brahmin was appalled and terrified, because the answers to these questions were not just complex, they were impossible to formulate. In other words: he did not know the answers. So his execution date was set.

On the morning of that day the Brahmin’s teenage son appeared and asked the  king if he would release his father if he–the son–would answer the questions. The king agreed, and the son asked that a container of milk be brought to him. It was done. Then the boy asked that the milk be churned into butter. That, too, was done.“The first two of your questions are now answered,” he told the king.

The king objected that he had been given no answers, so the son asked: “Where was the butter before it was churned?”

“In the milk,” replied the king.
“In what part of the milk?” asked the boy.
“In all of it.”
“Just so,” agreed the boy, “and in the same way God is within all things and pervades all things.”
“Why don’t I see Him, then,” pressed the king. “Because you do not ‘churn’ your mind and refine your perceptions through
meditation. If you do that, you will see God. But not otherwise. Now let my father go.”
“Not at all,” insisted the king. “You have not told me what God does all day.”

“To answer that,” said the boy, “we will have to change places. You come stand here  and let me sit on the throne.”

The request was so audacious the king complied, and in a moment he was standing before the enthroned Brahmin boy who told him: “This is the answer. One moment  you were here and I was there. Now things are reversed. God perpetually lifts up and  casts down every one of us. In one life we are exalted and in another we are brought
low–oftentimes in a single life this occurs, and even more than once.

Our lives are completely in His hand, and He does with us as He wills.” (“He hath put down the  mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree.” Luke 1:52)
The Brahmin was released and his son was given many honors and gifts by the king.


8 thoughts on “Where is God? A story from Purana…

      • Sorry, obviously didn’t read the title very closely! I often find myself dipping into the ‘eastern’ religions. I feel more at home with ‘consciousness’ than the surface ritual of most western orthodox belief systems. I’m re-reading Deepak Chopra’s The Third Jesus at the moment. There’s more of East than West in Christ! Ann


      • No problem, I believe that “real” spiritual people all around the world said and followed the same things basically, though they might have put it in different ways.
        If you haven’t read, I suggest you to read, “Autobiography of a yogi” by Swami Yoganandan. It says how ONE are East and West … 🙂 though India has been a place of spiritual enlightenment to many since centuries… God bless.


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