The Sepal


The sepal couldn’t rest, how could she?

 She was curious and anxious for the petal babe sleeping inside her.

Feeling like a “big sister”, she took pride in protecting the little one.

She knew the petal babe was florid, but tiny then, and would be sleeping peacefully in her bosom. She felt motherly love for it. Being the haven for the petal babe, what an honour it was!

The sepal thought, “I have been guarding this lovely babe since some days now … tomorrow when it blooms in full, the world would be wondering to see the alluring and gleaming petal, they would behold that splendour with all their amazed eyes, they would feel glad about me too, because it was me who kept the petal safe for many days; What more I need to feel great!”.

Her dream delighted her.

It was a glorious spring morning, calm and cool. When it dawned, the sepal knew, the petal would blush that day, in full.

She has been eagerly waiting for that day. As the petal tried to open by itself, the sepal could feel it being pushed down and down. The sepal was not sad, for she knew, she was the petal’s carer. She didn’t have an existence without the petal. Though a bit sad, the sepal yielded, and finally when the flower blossomed, radiating all its beauty, the sepal was seen no more, it was down and hanging. No one would ever even notice it.

The sepal couldn’t see her little one in bloom, her babe was up and she was so down. She knew she can never see the petal, and the thought made her cry.

All praised the flower, for them the charm of the flower was in the petal. None bothered about the sepal, which was not catching any one’s attention then. The sepal wished at least the petal would remember her, but it seemed that the petal didn’t.

The petal was moving dilly-dally in the breeze, elated, thrilled and proud of the complimenting eyes and words. The crying sepal’s agony touched the breeze. The breeze came near her and enquired. The sepal broke into tears and told her pain. The breeze pacified,

“Dear sepal, all are born here to do their destined role in an acceptable way, but unconditionally. None can expect anything in return. You just see the life of birds, animals and humans; they take much pain, more than you, to raise, back up and strengthen their young ones and loved ones, but when they are on their own, they forget those hands that worked for them and they move away. The world also sees them, not their mentors. So how can you even expect the petal or the beholders to remember you? Everything has its purpose, which has to be fulfilled in an appreciable way, and you, sepal, have done yours meticulously, that is enough. You were good and great at it!”

The sepal thought for a while and found the wise words of the breeze right. She bore those words in her heart and was no more crying for her fate.

Yes! A sad truth it was; the sepal nurtured and succoured the petal with all her affection and attention, with a pure heart, still she was overlooked, and the glamorous petal was over adored.


{Published in YSC}


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