If you love someone, put their name in a circle, instead of a heart, because hearts can break, but circles go on forever

~ Unknown

Love knows no age…



“We are idiots. I am an idiot.
Our hearts wander where they shouldn’t.
Infatuations make it difficult to realize the ins and outs of life.
It easily forgets the limits, flies like a butterfly which has lost all its senses and directions.
That is what I feel now, and it is….euphoric!”

“It was my fault , only my fault, that I, an aged man fell in love with a much younger you, Mitha. I confess my love to you here,on these papers. My love will last as long as these papers are intact.
I will keep this to myself, I don’t want you to know about it .
Let it get buried where it was born.
I cherish this wonderful sentiment, I feel a romantic as well as spiritual connection with you.
I understand it is more than a mere infatuation. It is something real and pure.
But still, I agree, this is inexplicable,incomprehensible, inexcusable, irrevocable; all at the same time.”

“When I entered this old library years ago I never had expected that such a gust of heavenly joy would make entrance to my heart and soul apart from books.There are days I come here just to see you reading your favorite book sitting at your favorite spot near the window. Beautiful, smart and intelligent girl with a unique individuality, you are special Mitha.”

“The corridors are old but the sunshine is new,
Day or night your figure is knocking my eyelids,
My life is changing bit by bit…”

“The windows of dreams take away my sleep.
My life suddenly seems fresh and new.
I know it is because of you
Let me hide this treasure deep in my heart forever…….”

The woman spoke in a grieving voice.
“They were all dad’s documents. As you know, he was prompt and systematic on all matters until he left us……forever !”
She wept silently and left.

The son once again looked at the neat, hand written papers, his father had kept safely among the tax documents and other statements.

He thought for a moment and then took them to the shredder.
The terrible voice from the shredder invited the woman’s attention.

She looked at the shredder with a questioning expression on her face.

The son told, ” It’s nothing mom, some old bills and account statements, really useless…:”

“Are you sure, son?”

“Yes mom, very…”

“No matter alive or dead, we don’t stop loving people, I love him… forever !”
He wondered why she spoke that way.

With a chaotic heart he entered the living room.
His little daughter came with her book and asked him to read to her.

He read:

“Alice : How long is forever ?
White Rabbit : Sometimes, just one second.”

His heart sunk into an emptiness.

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