Little Goldie


Home sweet home!

Lot of food…lot of water….lot of space…. lot of greens around …lot of fun…….

“It feels wonderful!” Goldie was feeling high.

Goldie’s tiny eyes got catch of some new fellows.

There were blacks, whites and red ones among them.

They were roaming around and having fun in Goldie’s premises.

“Mamma, who are they?” Goldie became anxious.

Mother was busy with food matters, she hastily replied, “New neighbours may be …!”

“Yay, again it’s fight time!” Goldie was confident.

Goldie’s family doesn’t like blackies or whites.

As a rule, they messed  every time they met, every time they waited for their ration and every time they simply stared at each other .

“No Goldie, no fight! You are still so small!” Mother warned.

“Look mamma, I have grown bigger than the last time, and you told I could fight when I have grown up!” Goldie replied.

“But you are not good enough for a fight with them, little one!”

Goldie fell silent.

It was three months back that Goldie fought with a blackie.

Hungry Goldie was busy eating good food. A blackie came alone and snatched Goldie’s food.

Goldie fought his best but the big blackie bit the small Goldie near the eyes. The pain was bad for many days.

“I don’t want to get into trouble again!” Goldie sighed.

Goldie looked up at the changing shadows around. The blue net was coming in.

It was after Goldie and he ran away swiftly.

Goldie could hear his mom shouting “Escape Goldie, run away!”

Perplexed, Goldie looked around.

“Where is the hide out? Yeah there…in the middle of lush greens!”

That’s where a rescue was found when the blue net came in last month, yeah, last month.

The lush greens were big and tall enough to hide Goldie.

The blue net disappeared. Goldie felt so relieved.

He wanted to go and hug his mamma.

When he was running to where his mother stood, the new, big blackie blocked him.

“Fight…What say?” the blackie challenged.

“No, I don’t want to fight with you!” Goldie tried to escape. But before he could move away, the blue net got him.

Goldie never saw his mother again.

Epilogue: Goldie was a goldfish in an aquarium store. He was purchased by a customer. In his new home, he was seen sad for months, thinking about his mom.  It is a myth that gold fish has only a short span of memory, of 3-10 seconds, studies show that they can recall things up to months.

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