My plan submitted to the fate : If I’m the winner…


{In response to daily prompt : You’re a winner!}

Writing fiction imagining something just out of creativity-is sometimes easy and some times not.
I am damn sure, that I am NOT that a lucky person to win at – least a candy in a draw.
But the plan I am sharing with you now  is 100% sincere,  some of the dreams I have cherished right from my childhood. And since then  I have tried my best to act out some, in my own humble ways.
1 billion $ without tax, comes to 100 crores.
Keeping apart 20 crores for myself, I have 80 crores left. (Yeah, I am a human and so I may be selfish! And yes , I am …like you all!
Here comes the statistics of the 80 crores. Some of you may not find it interesting, but I pray that some day may I be able to do them, at least in small scales, even if I don’t win a lottery!
15 crores
The first thing would be buying  a good piece of fertile land, that will nurture a healthy kitchen garden, so that myself and others will get healthy vegetables daily without chemical usage. If more people want products, they can either join my kitchen garden ….work and products will be shared…..Or I will encourage all of them to start their own kitchen garden, giving them seeds and guidance, so that every one can become self-sufficient in nutritional security.
5 crores
There would be an animal/bird farm near the kitchen garden which would rear native breeds of animals that have superior qualities, be it dog, cat, hen, duck, rabbit, goat, cow and whatever I can get. I will give healthy eggs free to kind little kids who do noble things, who work to spread the idea of love, patience and humility.(I bet, these days, getting good,healthy eggs that are hormone free is a rare thing). I don’t want to sell animals/birds for meat. When they die they would be cremated with due respect.
20 crores
No food = no life; unless you are a yogi.
I want to give free , healthy food daily to the old, poor and uncared people who would be selected by me. I will try my best not to include any healthy,young,rich people in that scheme.
10 crores 
Treatment /surgery support to the poor kids and young people who suffer from dreadful diseases/conditions. I know a lot already, and I am sad that my actions so far were like drops of dew to the vast ocean.
10 crores
For the free and quality education of financially backward “girl students”. Yes, I am particular about girls,as I hail from a country where much discrimination is directed towards girls in terms of everything, right from food to comfort. Will think about eligible boys’ matter too, if needed. By the way, please don’t think I am a feminist.
10 crores
Solely for providing free vocational education & training to anyone who is coming from a “broke” condition and who wants  to  make a living starting a small-scale
5 crores
For the welfare of inmates of Vrindavan,(where the old women /the widows are usually dumped by their families as they find them as burden) and other old-age homes.
4 crore
To start a physical fitness academy for all who is keen to keep their health fit for anything. Nominal fee for members unless they are too poor. (BECAUSE ANYTHING GIVEN FREE IS USUALLY NOT VALUED). Counselling /spiritual programmes would  be conducted for free.
1 crore
For the welfare of the foot and mouth artists in my country. (The people who lost their limbs/hands by birth or by accident and make a living by indulging in artworks).
Hmm…a poor me and a rich plan!

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