The Mother


This is a short story I had written long back. And today (26/12/2013) when my new blog -Odds & Ends-  was born, I thought I will post it here, for all human beings who have motherly affection towards other living beings.

She had lost the track of time, she no more noticed changing mornings or nights, passing days, weeks or months. She was physically alive, but mentally dead.

It had been a year since she lost her only child forever. Life had become static, her world had come to a halt since that broken day.

Nothing grabbed her interest, nothing bothered her, she was always seen lost in  thoughts; and that gloom mirrored on her young and pretty face.

“Time heals everything”…no, NOT everything; a mother’s sorrow over the death of her only child is something that can’t be healed, she thought.

But, for the last few days, she had felt very different. She had found something that was catching her attention and curiosity. She was feeling alive again.

Early that day she ran eagerly to the bush. She moved the leaves gently, caring not to make even a slight disturbance. She strained to see something. The time was due,she thought. She could feel a slight movement, she carefully peeped and a smile appeared on her usually cheerless face.

One egg has hatched. She looked at the tiny birdie, so small and featherless…still it was cute! Motherly love ruled her heart always.

Mother Black Bird and Chicks
Mother Black Bird and Chicks (Photo credit: eamoncurry123)

Her eyes were wet. She remembered her baby’s face when he was born…how elated she had been then.

She could feel her heart becoming heavy, she thought she would die that moment with a broken heart. She couldn’t bear that pain any longer. Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice the mother bird’s arrival, carrying food in its beak for her little one. It was perching on a tree branch nearby, as if waiting for her to leave. She doubted whether the bird knew her pain.

In the next moment, a hawk flew from nowhere, hijacked the mother bird and flew away. She stood chilled .When she came to her senses, it took only a fraction of second for her to take the little birdie, together with the nest, and walk briskly to the nearby vet.

Her one and only goal was to save the little birdie, because she was a mother !

{Published in Your Story Club}


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