I was here…

Mate,I don’t have the slightest idea when  you will land here,and why. Whoever you are, please know I was here and I am the first and only one to land here before you.
Like you,I have been a “planet geek”, if you get what I mean.
Spent my time, brain, health and money to get here, you might have done the same.
And you wanna how it has been here? It was HELL, mate….
It’s not much about food, water, air or technology or things like that… they all are fine.
But it’s loneliness mate, it kills!
All the will and the training are in vain…I certainly don’t feel like Tom Hanks in Cast Away. I feel sorry, this was a one way journey.
I now cherish how beautiful was the earth and life on it and what a heaven I had dropped for this hopeless place. Lost paradise!
I can’t take it more, loneliness suffocates me, I fear, I may end myself.
If you come alone, I wish my note would give you company…
Good luck and love to you mate.
– Loner.
 © Mridula 2014
{ In response to the daily prompt I was here }

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Yes, I am all ears...

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